Krav Maga Institute NYC: The Flying Dutchman

The 2 footed kick is usually used for breaking open doors in emergency situations but watch below and see some live practice of this technique.

You will learn the Flying Dutchman if you attend classes on Krav Maga NYC.

The Krav Maga Institute NYC is the only IKMF certified reality-based and modern self-defense school in Manhattan to teach Krav Maga. This school was founded by one of the most experienced and skilled Krav Maga NYC practitioner and instructor today KMI is not only a self-defense school, it’s also a place that teaches fitness class every single day all over in the heart of New York.

Our mission is to teach New Yorkers effective modern reality-based Krav Maga NYC in a supportive and community based environment while also supporting their fitness goals, since the place is a perplexing place where people have to look after themselves.

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