Fight Choreography | Movies & TV

Krav Maga has become a popular element in the world of movies and TV. However, modern audiences have a good eye for noticing unrealistic, awkward and/or staged fight scenes. Poor fight scene choreography (also known as stage combat) and poorly trained actors or stunt professionals can detract from the drama and story of a movie or show, thereby diminishing an audience’s enjoyment. It can also make that show or movie look cheap and unintentionally comical.

Television producers, independent filmmakers, and the Hollywood ones alike have long since used Krav Maga in their films and shows and invested in training their actors in preparation for various fight scenes to great success. Krav Maga is effective, easy to learn, and is a reality-based system that looks great on screen (because it looks realistic). Producers in the film and television industry, including those for shows like “Hostages” and “The Americans,” have come to us for training for their actors and stunt professionals and for fight choreography services.

Fight Choreography | Film & TV

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