Training To Survive

krav maga self defense
by Yevgeniy Grigoryev

Under attack

krav maga self defense instructorI feel the pressure on my windpipe from a pair of hands that close in on my throat, and as the fingers begin to tighten and deprive me of precious oxygen, panic sets it: I am being choked. As I open my eyes, I realize that I only have a few seconds before my brain, unable to cope with the lack of oxygen, puts me to sleep from which I may never return.

Natural instincts and self-defense training

While my mind races, my natural instincts and Krav Maga self defense training kick in. My hands instinctively go up to my throat, and as I pluck the attacker’s wrists up and away from my throat, my leg is already slicing through the air to deliver a kick to the attacker’s groin. I know that when attacked with a choke, I am fighting for my life, for although very primitive and simple, a choke is meant to kill the victim by suffocation.

Turning the tables

In a matter of seconds, the attacker rails back, no longer focusing on choking me, driven back by a barrage of strikes that I am now delivering to his face. I turn the tables and am now on the attack, while also actively scanning the room with my eyes for any other dangers, identifying the exit, and bolting towards it. I have successfully defended a choke from the front, neutralized the threat and escaped. I then return to where I was attacked and now it is my turn to choke my training partner. This is a typical scenario training that a Krav Maga NYC practitioner undergoes, training to fight for survival, not points or medals. Krav Maga NYC self defense is the Israeli system grounded in realistic training that emphasizes natural reactions, and this is how.

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