Krav Maga Institute NYC Ground Fighting

Ground fighting

Fighting on ground

Training on the ground breaks into two categories.

Self defense on the ground

A conflict situation that develops to a point whereby one or both of the involved parties have involuntarily ended up on the ground, where they must continue to defend themselves.

Ground Fighting

A series of technical physical skills derived from traditional martial arts or sporting systems used in competitions that are governed by rules, whereby one opponent deliberately takes the other to the ground in their attempt to score points to or win the competition immediately through their opponent submitting.

The above definitions do not include the types of training used by Law Enforcement, Police Officer or Security Operatives and the use of specific restraint methods to detain an offender. This blog is written from purely a civilian self defense perspective where the aim is to disengage from a situation as soon as possible, thus defending yourself on the ground in a fight, not tapping somebody out.

Krav Maga is modern self defense which includes defending yourself on the ground (that said, you should always train with the mindset of not wanting to be on the ground because you are vulnerable to multiple attackers or anyone standing up or on top of you).   If we do end up on the ground, we must engage in the scenario with one task in mind: to return to our feet as soon as possible when safe to do so and then take further action in order to resolve the situation.

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