Krav Maga and Third Party Protection

Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense system, but the techniques, methods and training are widely used by Security and VIP Protection professionals around the world. So what do Krav Maga and Third Party Protection have in common?

The answer is everything. Our Krav Maga techniques and self defense classes are easily adapted and applied to when you are protecting friends, family and VIPs. Israel has long since experienced security issues that affect both civilians, political and military leaders. The simplicity of the techniques and the ease with which they are learned mean that they are easily adapted and integrated into personal security details. The methods have been forged, developed and adapted after years of protecting high profile individuals that are potential targets. The IKMF has provided security to former Israeli Prime Ministers and countless high profile individuals.

Here are video highlights of the Third Party Protection Master Class we held in January 2013.

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Krav Maga Induction

An induction is an intro to Krav
Maga with KMI.