KMF Crash Camp in Israel Day 5

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Day Five at IKMF Crash Camp

jobe_krav_maga_instructorMorning run was just what I needed. Elevation mask came out again for the short run followed by buddy push ups and buddy sit ups. Starting the day off like this seemed to make the day fly by faster than I expected. Grade training started off with Amnon Darsa monkey drills. Monkey drills are when one partner is a “tree” and the other a “monkey” climbing on/over/around the tree. Don’t worry everyone will get the chance to play both roles.

Level training today was very upbeat. It was lead by Amnon Darsa, Dan Oren, and Megan Kaddouche. Everyone was focusing not only on their level, but everything from previous levels. When you test in Krav Maga, you are required to maintain a level of proficiency from previous levels. The section actually count more towards an overall grade than most expect.

The end of grade training emphasized Zombie game. After each round, the game was modified to enhance difficulty. Punching, kicking, attacking pads, and getting our backs slapped if we past through the center, we’re the first few rounds. Then out came the knives. Needless to say, there were many stabbings and punches to the face on the receiving end of our non-zombie people.

We finished up the grade training by adding music to the training. For the length of the first song, we were ping ponging attack and defend situations. Second song begins, burpees. Everyone did burpees for five to six minutes. I was spent, but kept smiling and continued to work. Third song, grabs and holds. At this point the brain began to say, “I’ve run out of variations”. Last songs was all sit ups. I got to this point and all I could do was smile.

dan oren ikmf crash camp After lunch we broke into two groups. Instructors and students who have attended any Law Enforcement (L.E.) or Military Instructors course, and those who hadn’t. The L.E. and Military individuals got got to play with some Nike Sparq Vapor Goggles in L.E. and Military situations. This is some of the coolest training gear on the planet. My reaction time is fairly decent, but training with the goggles took it to an entirely different level. The best analogy is also the cheesiest – The Matrix. I only played with the Reax (Krav Maga program) goggles for about 20 minutes, but My partner and I definitely noticed a difference. Wow.

Following the Reax training, our small group had an incredible lecture from Megan Kaddouche about the Timeline. The Timeline is essentially logical technique decision making based on when you become aware of a threat or attack. Factors of what type of attack, distance, and states of readiness, and time are what is taken into account. The biggest eye opener about this lecture was an explanation of a question that every student has, why one technique versus another. Example is simultaneous counter attack against a straight punch compared to inside defense 1.5 rhythm. I want all of you to ponder on why we would use one in compared to the other and why, and respond in comments. I can tell you the answer to why we do one technique compared to another is no longer answered only by, it’s another option. In some cases it will be, but it won’t be the only explanation.
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