IKMF Crash Camp in Israel Day 4

Sadot Yam IKMF Crash Camp

Day Four at IKMF Crash Camp in Sadot Yam

Jobe O'Leary Krav MagaThe day started off a little slower than I expected, but picked up at the end. The run and swim was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. As you might expect though, no one was heartbroken. I finally got to meet the infamous G.I.T. Dan Oren. My impression? A very nice guy (insert evil grin).

The warm up today was a focus on listening. Jogging, jumping, and following directions. Then on to the Tabata. Eight rounds of push ups, sit ups, and burpees. Directions were to have a cumulative number at the end. The push ups were not easy today, the body is not cooperating as advertised. I had a short one sided discussion with it, and it is now doing as its told. I got a late start on the burpees as opposed to everyone else. It was time to break out the elevation mask. I was fairly consistent all eight rounds at five per. The only notice I received from Dan Oren was a thumbs up. I replied with the opposite. If you are wondering my total number, it may or may not have surpassed my “like=five burpees” post from a year ago:)

Grade level training was a bit off today. All the participants a beginning to feel the fatigue. Energy levels falling slightly, and bodies not wanting to function. We are led by G.I.T. Dan Oren and Avshalom Dahan, and Avi Moyal arriving a short time later. I didn’t join any one group, but bounced back and for between the soon to be G1’s and another group. It was fun practicing and giving explanations on why we do techniques a particular way. Christmas lights flickering above people’s heads always bring a smile.

After a while Avi set us all down to explain a few issues with Krav Maga. One that stood out was how we test and how we make it better. To be unbiased, all testing staring in July will be done on iPads. This way no matter what club you come from, it’s even and fair across the board. It makes paperwork easier.

After the short talk, we got our hands on new merchandise that the IKMF wanted some feedback. Two words, Beer Mug. Amongst other things, coffee cups and phone covers will be available soon. Business card holders and key tags were the other items that were of interest. All items had variations of either IKMF or Crash Camp.

After lunch we had the pleasure of training with Dan Oren on security situation, pistol shooting position, and using the pistol and a cold weapon. A cold weapon is a weapon that is treated as if it is empty. In this situation, the gun is an extension of the hand. Fighting switching in between a defensive aspect and offensive aspect of Krav Maga. Fun times!

After the weapon training, more Tabata. This time striking the pads from different positions and getting up from the ground fighting. Benny IKMF Klein was my partner for this, and he hits very hard. I’m lucky I didn’t see my lunch a second time. After Benny’s eight rounds, the elevation mask came out again. I made it through the first four rounds before it came off. I see more Tabata in our schools future. It was killer.

When we were all nice tired and sweaty, we geared up for (pain) conditioning, reaction training, and fighting. Russians, Americans, Italians, and the French were my partners for the conditioning and fighting. Everyone of my partners had a unique skill set that made the fighting experience unique. Strong, fast, accurate, creative, and relentless. I was completely elated with every partner. Much respect and thankfulness to all of them.

Only one lecture during this course, but that will be blog will be for tomorrow. Stay safe people.

By the way, the picture at the top is of the beach that’s less than 100 yards from the hotel. Yes that is the Mediterranean. Be jealous;)

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