5 Tips to Help Pass Your Krav Maga Test

Hello, I am Avi Moyal. I have served as the head of the testing committee for many years and I have had the privilege to test thousands of students. Below I have provided a few tips to help students pass their Krav Maga Test.

The first tip I can give you is to do your best in the first five minutes. The tester can usually predict who passes in the first five minutes. Clean technique, body language and explosiveness in the attack are components that will not change during the test.

Second tip: do your best at all times. Don’t try to just show your best while you are being watched; we have eyes in the back of our heads.

Third Tip: As testers we are looking for certain checkpoints to see if the principle part of the technique is preformed correctly. We look for common mistakes. For example: to avoid this mistake make sure to check that danger in eliminated fully before ending the exercise.

Fourth Tip: The tester will dedicate most of his attention to the first part of the test, therefore it is important the tested trainee understands what he is doing and why, so if the tester changes the parameters of the exercise in terms of distance or attack angle (I.E) the tested trainee will know how to adapt.

Last Tip: convince the tester that you will be able to successfully perform this technique on the street if you are attacked.

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