How To Get The Biggest Return On Investment In Training

Jennie Trower from Boom Self Defense

Bring it. Every time. No excuses.

You’ve made it out of work on time. You fought traffic, changed into your training clothes lets-train-krav-magaand made sure the kids had something to eat for dinner. Maybe you didn’t sleep well the night before or you had a tense business meeting that afternoon. Or your girlfriend dumped you two days ago, on your birthday, and you failed your algebra exam. Perhaps today’s carpool duty or PTA meeting was enough to make you feel like making a beeline to the nearest happy-hour margarita.

But you didn’t. You came to class instead. Good for you! Now that you’re here – tired, stressed, and possibly preoccupied, I’m going to ask you for more. I want you to give this class your focus, your energy and 100% of everything you’ve got. That’s right – even though you aren’t feeling 100%.

Forget everything else that is going on, to the best of your ability. Focus on the techniques, the drills and the information. Focus on your breathing, your muscles getting stronger, your fitness improving with every push-up and punch. Try to remember that the things we are training for are things that could happen outside of this comfortable environment. Allow yourself to feel the pressure and the stress during the drills, and work on your reaction.

You are here anyway. Why not give it 100%? You’ve gone to all this trouble to get here (and we are so happy you did). You’ve paid your money. You’ve got partners to help you and an instructor to teach you. Give it your all.

As with most things in life, you get out of something what you put into it. If you are phoning it in or sleepwalking through class, you are cheating yourself. If you are there to work and focus and learn, despite whatever else is going on in your life that day, you will reap the benefits of investment. I promise.

Not only will that focus and energy help you, but it is contagious, in the best possible way. Your energy can inspire your partner, who also might have had a rough day. It can bring up the energy of the entire class. And as an instructor, I can say there are few things that make me want to work harder than to see a student working their hardest.

Krav Maga has been a constant in my life for more than a decade. Through heartbreak, career changes, a new baby, death in my family, and all the usual highs and lows every human on this planet experiences. And I’m not saying I’ve done it perfectly every time, but I am here to tell you that when I show up and give it my all, it benefits me. And it’s worth it.

Let’s train.

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