What is S.P.E.C. ?

S.P.E.C. is the name of our strength and fitness program.  It stands for specialized physical eduction courses. The Krav Maga Institute is a modern school of self-defense with a core focus on strong minds as well as strong bodies, this includes a robust fitness program.

Our group fitness program was originally designed to complement the women’s self defense training but it proved so popular that we formed a full schedule of standalone group fitness classes inspired by Women’s Self Defense, Kickboxing and Krav Maga such as C2 Kickboxing where you can burn up to 2000 calories per class.

Our S.P.E.C. NYC strength and fitness classes maximize mental resilience, physical strength, anaerobic/aerobic resistance, and overall defensive effectiveness. Unlike in KMI’s California schools, the S.P.E.C program in NYC is covered in a different classes.

S.P.E.C. classes include:

  • C2 Kickboxing (Combat Cardio Kickboxing)
  • Whiplash (30 minute jump rope classes)
  • Combat and Fighting L1 (combat fitness class)
  • Kettlebells (coming soon)
  • Short Circuit (circuit training bootcamps – coming soon)