The Krav Maga Fitness System

Our focus has always been to offer the highest quality self defense and fighting training to adults, kids and professionals. However, there’s no denying that one of the foundations of a strong mind and body and your ability to defend yourselves and others, is professional level physical and mental strength and fitness training. Specialized strength and fitness are important factors in getting the most out of professional level self-defense and fighting training.

KMI is a modern self-defense, fighting, tactical training and strength and fitness center. It is not a gym, we provide training in self defense, fighting and mental and physical toughness training that promotes a positive and robust mind set, elite-level strength and fitness, awareness, quality of life, good health and ultimately, longevity.

What is S.P.E.C?

S.P.E.C. stands for Specialized Physical Education Course, it is the Krav Maga Fitness System.

S.P.E.C. is our strength (mental and physical) and fitness program. It is a comprehensive strength and fitness system usually practiced in a range of classes but covered under one class here in NYC called Combat Cardio (c2).

Our NYC strength and fitness classes maximize mental resilience, physical strength, anaerobic/aerobic resistance, and overall defensive effectiveness. Krav Maga Institute is a modern school of self-defense with a core focus on strong minds as well as strong bodies.

The program includes:

  • Cardiovascular and Anaerobic Fitness.  Endurance, power, strength and interval training.
  • Combative techniques and striking forms including punching, kicking, and other reinforcing combative strategies. The goal of this class is to boost power, agility, and endurance while improving fighting skills, striking technique, and defensive effectiveness.
  • Kettlebells for strength and power allowing a complete strength training experience that works the entire musculature. Working from the core to the lesser muscle groups, this technique uses functional and combative movements to make you a stronger and more agile fighter.
  • Military Fitness.  The part of the NYC program will take you to the next level of fitness, increasing cardiovascular endurance, physical strength, and Krav Maga agility

Unlike in our California schools, the S.P.E.C program in NYC is all covered in a single class called Combat Cardio (C2 for short).  KMI’s strength and fitness classes are an excellent enhancement to your regular gym routine or means of breaking up your day-to-day fitness regime.

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S.P.E.C.: Combat Cardio (C2)

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