What is Self Defense?

There is much more to self-defense than fancy martial arts kicks and breaking wooden boards. Self-defense is about avoidance, neutralization, and warning others about danger. Self-defense classes at KMI will teach you how to spot suspicious individuals, avoid dangerous situations, use words as weapons, negotiate and calm a situation, and how to bring attention to yourself during an attack.

Mastering self-defense techniques makes you less likely to be attacked and more likely to come out safely from a possible attack. Self-defense classes also teach you to take care of your body through physical fitness while building self-confidence.

Self-defense classes are available in a variety of locations like police stations, recreational centers, colleges, private institutes, youth programs, and fitness centers. KMI’s self-defense classes are based on real life situations and therefore, they are highly effective. We offer daily self-defense classes all over New York City, so it’s easy to start a conveniently located self-defense program that adequately meets your individual needs.