Combat & Fighting Skills Classes

Sometimes you just need to know how to fight. The flip side to the self defense coin is fighting skills. None of the self defense techniques you learn will help you in real life if you cannot strike or kick effectively under pressure or you lack the requisite force, strength, form, resolve or aggression. Effective combat training can make all the difference.

Combat & Fighting Skills Classes

Fighting class prepares you for the street because it tests your ability to perform the techniques you learn in class work so you can successfully defend yourself.  Full protection gear is required for more advanced levels of this class.


Level 1 (C1) is non contact pad work using mitts, muay thai pads and kicking shields.  It is a technical and physical class.  No contact. All levels.

Level 2 (C2) involves some contact and puts the fighting skills to test on the ground, movement and with a partner. Light sparring.

Level 3 (C3) connects all the dots together with contact, contact sparring (full protection gear required) and includes scenario based training exercises with multiple attackers, weapons and one on one sparring.