Partners and Associates

The Krav Maga Institute schools in New York City and California are partner schools.  KMI NYC and KMI California hold some of the highest training standards in the world and do not have an affiliates program.  Affiliate programs tend to be motivated by money through affiliate fees and focus a lot on rapid expansion of their affiliates often regardless of, and at the expense of, the quality of the training (taking on schools and instructors as long as they pay, regardless of their level of training, experience and with no quality assurances for students). KMI’s training is a serious matter and quality of training should be the main focus – it is not suitable for a traditional affiliates program. KMI NYC and KMI in California have a partnership instead. KMI NYC also has a close relationships with some associated schools that we refer our students to should they be traveling to that part of the world (with free training if you are a KMI NYC member).

KMI NYC and KMI California maintain the highest training standards available in the industry. As a KMI NYC member, you have free access to training at KMI California for up to 30 days. You may be traveling for work or on vacation and you feel like dropping into train or just meet the local instructors and students in California or New York.