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Strength & Fitness

The Krav Maga Institute is a modern school of self-defense with a core focus on strong minds as well as strong bodies. Our NYC strength and fitness classes maximize mental resilience, physical strength, anaerobic/aerobic resistance, and overall defensive effectiveness.

Fitness Classes

The Krav Maga Institute’s NYC fitness classes provide high quality self-defense training for adults, children, law enforcement professionals, and members of the military. KMI’s strength and fitness classes are an excellent enhancement to your regular gym routine or means of breaking up your day-to-day fitness regime.

KMI offers the following fitness classes:

  • KMI Strong Combat Cardio
  • KMI Strong Kettlebells
  • KMI Strong Elite Military fitness
  • KMI Self-Defense

Strong Combat Cardio

The Strong Combat Cardio NYC class combines cardiovascular and anaerobic combative techniques and striking forms including punching, kicking, and other reinforcing combative strategies. The goal of this class is to boost power, agility, and endurance while improving fighting skills, striking technique, and defensive effectiveness.

Strong Kettlebells

The Strong Kettlebells NYC class utilizes kettlebells for a complete strength training experience that works the entire musculature. Working from the core to the lesser muscle groups, this technique uses functional and combative movements to make you a stronger and more agile fighter.

Strong Elite Military Fitness

This fitness class is not for the faint of heart, as it implements fitness routines typically used by special forces units in The United States, Israel, and Europe. The intensive NYC Elite class will take you to the next level of fitness, increasing cardiovascular endurance, physical strength, and Krav Maga agility.


As a non-traditional martial art form, Krav Maga is not competitive. It is a practical, modern form of self-defense designed to be used on the streets. A typical NYC self-defense class at KMI includes anaerobic combat fitness warm ups, stress and aggression drills, and stress training to help you remember what you learn. KMI’s NYC self-defense classes enable students with the skills to defend themselves when faced with a dangerous situation or an aggressive person.