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What is S.P.E.C.?

S.P.E.C. stands for Specialized Physical Education Course.  It is our strength (mental and physical) and fitness program.

KMI is a modern self-defense, fighting, tactical training and strength and fitness center. It is not a gym, we provide training in self defense, fighting and mental and physical
toughness training that promotes a positive and robust mind set, elite-level strength and fitness, awareness, quality of life, good health and ultimately, longevity. Our focus has always been to offer the highest quality self defense and fighting training to adults, kids and professionals. However, there’s no denying that one of the foundations of a strong mind and body and your ability to defend yourselves and others, is professional level physical and mental strength and fitness training.  Specialized strength and fitness are important factors in getting the most out of professional level self-defense and fighting training.

KMI Strong is our motto and S.P.E.C. is our strength (mental as well as physical strength) and fitness program. It supplements your self defense (Krav Maga) and fighting training as it focuses on making you more capable at defending yourself and others but it also provides a complete physical and mental workout that is as practical and functional as the self defense and fighting training it supports. In the words of Joe Rogan, our aim is Total Human Optimization.

KMI’s Krav Maga training breaks down into four distinct pillars, the KMI pillars are: tactical, technical, physical and mental training. Our strength and fitness program focus on the physical and mental components of KMI’s Krav Maga NYC program. Being KMI Strong therefore is more than just having a muscular physique, it’s a way of life and state of mind. KMI Strong was developed for the specialized needs of New Yorkers, the military, law enforcement and security professionals. The world, especially New York, is unpredictable. stressful and chaotic which favors the well prepared, tough and positive. Physical training, proper nutrition, and strong values are foundational to living a good life. Our minds and bodies experience stress and fatigue over long periods of time yet we have to maintain a positive outlook and real mental strength throughout if we want to meet our goals. Our training is designed to support your pursuit of such goals through wholly practical and functional strength and fitness training that promote mental and physical strength. We can help you build character, self confidence and become stronger individuals and families that thrive. KMI Strong is challenging, extremely effective and completely scalable.

One of the main issues we come across at KMI NYC is students not having the right mind set (giving up too easily) and lacking basic physical fitness to get the most out of their Krav Maga training. While Krav Maga classes do provide a workout (read more about member Jason’s story here), it is important to make time outside class for additional strength and fitness training so we do not dilute the Krav Maga training time in class. We don’t want you spend an excessive amount of your valuable training time doing endless push ups and burpees, we prefer you to focus on learning self defense and fighting skills during class time. We therefore recognize the importance of supplementing Krav Maga classes with the right strength (mental and physical) and fitness training for the best overall experience and results. These programs have been painstakingly constructed to get the most out of and supplement training in KMI NYC’s self-defense system of choice, Krav Maga, which is still the core and focus of KMI NYC’s training.


COMBAT CARDIO (C2): a cardiovascular and anaerobic combative based class that uses all striking forms, combinations and movements including punching, kicking and other combatives to reinforce and improve fighting skills, striking technique and effectiveness while improving power and endurance.

KMI STRONG (KETTLEBELL TRAINING). We use kettlebells for a complete strength training workout that works the entire musculature from the core to the lesser muscle groups using functional and combative movements that make you a stronger, fitter and a better fighter.

ELITE MILITARY FITNESS.  This class takes participants through a challenging workout based on various military fitness routines such as those used by special forces units in Israel, USA and Europe. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a series of poses and postures designed to deal with lower back pain.

BRUTALITY (Diagnostic Fitness). This is KMI’s most mentally and physically challenging strength, mobility and fitness based class taught by one of the most experienced CrossFit and weight lifting coaches in New York, Syn Martinez.

S.P.E.C. classes are open to all members on an unlimited monthly membership, or you can purchase a strength & fitness only membership.

S.P.E.C. will maximize your mental resilience, physical strength, anaerobic and aerobic resistance, your effectiveness when defending yourself, fighting or defending others. A strong body and a strong mind help prevent injury, improve balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, mobility while also making you a better fighter, move more quickly, punch and kick with more force, not to mention boosting self confidence, feeling and looking better. A stronger and fitter fighter is a happier and better fighter. In the words of Sam Sheridan in a Fighter’s Heart: ‘the fittest fighter usually wins.’

C2 (Combat Cardio)

Combat Cardio is a high-intensity, calorie-torching, fun and challenging workout based on Krav Maga combative pad work.

Combat Cardio comprises the cardiovascular or aerobic portion of KMI NYC’s strength and fitness program. The focus of this class is to improve your striking and kicking (combatives) while working on your aerobic, cardio and functional fitness. The warm up to this class class includes Foundation Training for treating lower back pain.

Get ready to push your limits, this class is suitable for all levels, no experience necessary.  The class includes boot camp style drills, strength and endurance training, as well as many other aspects of functional fitness including speed, power, flexibility and coordination.

The class is designed to boost your aerobic fitness, agility, flexibility, functional fitness and endurance while also working on the effectiveness and form of your striking, combinations, movement, balance and kicking. The training is also designed to boost your mental strength by building your self confidence and teaching you coping mechanisms to help deal with new challenges and achieve your goals. Much like military training, mental strength is a constant focus at KMI NYC.

Elite Military Fitness

KMI NYC Elite is not for the faint of heart. It is a full body workout based on the fitness routine of elite military units and adapted for urban living.  This class will take you the next level of strength and fitness and will allow you to get the most out of your Krav Maga NYC training. The class is designed to improve functional strength and fitness, power (sucgh as carrying people and things), increase your cardio vascular endurance, improve your physical strength and agility in Krav Maga NYC class.

KMI Strong (Kettlebells)

Your endurance is there but now it’s time to add some power to your punch. Time to get KMI Strong. KMI Strong uses kettlebells to improve cardio, strength, and conditioning.  Using body weight and motion and weight training with kettlebells, providing a ruthlessly efficient workout (Tim Ferris, in his 4 Hour Body, cites kettlebells as one of the best workouts you can do).  Training with kettlebells can be scaled according to ability so all ages and fitness levels may attend.  It is also therefore suitable for people who have physical limitations or are recovering from injuries.

Foundation Training

The movements and poses put your body and back into the alignment it was intended to be in. The class will help alleviate chronic or acute back pain, improve posture and enhance athletic performance.  Bottom line, we don’t move our bodies the way we should and instead of using our muscles for support (as they were intended) we are relying on our joints to support us.  Sitting all day in front of our computers, staring down at our phones for hours, using our backs to bend our bodies; shift our bodies out of proper alignment and into a pattern that overtime begins to cause a structural breakdown. Foundation training will transform the way you move and give you the means to overcome back pain.


The class uses body weight, weights and movements to build basic foundations of fitness that are essential in sport, life and for good health.  The movements force students into diagnostic positions (like a good squat) that reveals musculoskeletal and other problems and then allows you to build on those foundations. Syn pioneered the highly successful Afro Brutality CrossFit program in Harlem and is known for his uncompromising teaching style. This class will push you to your limit (physically and mentally) and is not for the faint hearted.  It is called Brutality for a reason.