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Self Defense Classes

At KMI, we proudly offer a variety of self-defense classes to suit the specific needs of different groups:

  • Krav Maga classes
  • Women’s self-defense classes
  • Self-defense classes for kids
  • Private self-defense lessons
  • Master classes
  • Fighting classes

What is Self-defense?

There is much more to self-defense than fancy martial arts kicks and breaking wooden boards. Self-defense is about avoidance, neutralization, and warning others about danger. Self-defense classes at KMI will teach you how to spot suspicious individuals, avoid dangerous situations, use words as weapons, negotiate and calm a situation, and how to bring attention to yourself during an attack. Mastering self-defense techniques makes you less likely to be attacked and more likely to come out safely from a possible attack. Self-defense classes also teach you to take care of your body through physical fitness while building self-confidence.

Alarming Statistics

As of October 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed a 22 percent increase in assaults since 1993. Today, 22/5 out 1,000 people are assaulted every year while 1.8 million violent crimes, including robbery, sexual assault, and aggravated assault, took place in the U.S. in 2011. Through our self-defense classes, KMI wants to encourage a safer, more defensively effective population.

Where Can I Take Self-defense Classes?

Self-defense classes are available in a variety of locations like police stations, recreational centers, colleges, private institutes, youth programs, and fitness centers. KMI’s self-defense classes are based on real life situations and therefore, they are highly effective. We offer daily self-defense classes all over New York City, so it’s easy to start a conveniently located self-defense program that adequately meets your individual needs.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art form because it is non-competitive. There are no rules, belts, katas, or rings. This modern self-defense class is designed for the streets, bars, nightclubs, and potentially risky trips abroad. Krav Maga focuses on intuitive techniques, strength and aggression building, and realistic training. Typical Krav Maga self-defense classes focus on anaerobic fitness warm ups that incorporate techniques in a social, supportive environment. Krav Maga is based on natural movements and reactions combined with stress and aggression drills that test your ability to actually implement techniques under pressure.