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Martial Arts for Kids

Learning martial arts is a great way for kids to develop healthy self-defense skills while also developing a healthy amount of self-confidence. Martial arts focus on physical fitness along with mental and spiritual development. KMI’s martial arts classes for kids are designed to assist the learning process by reinforcing natural movements and reactions. Kids will also undergo stress training activities to help them remember techniques and react quickly to real-life situations. Through KMI’s martial arts classes, your child will not only learn how to get out of a potentially dangerous situation, but how to spot a threatening person or situation in the first place.

Self-defense Classes

KMI’s self-defense classes for kids are geared towards ensuring their safety at all times. In a big city like New York, it’s important for your child to know self-defense in order to protect themselves from muggers, bullies, and even potential kidnappers. Knowing proper self-defense techniques, as well as how to prevent and escape situations, is a valuable skill for kids to learn and take with them throughout their lives. Providing children with the tools and techniques to defend themselves in the case of an attack is imperative to their safety in an urban area. Through KMI’s formal self-defense classes, kids learn to responsibly stop or prevent an attack in a safe learning environment.

Improve Self-Esteem

KMI’s self-defense and martial arts classes for kids teach more than effective fighting skills—we provide children with the confidence and self-esteem they need to stand up for themselves. We want them to know that they are allowed to fight back when someone is trying to harm them. In school and in life, children are typically told not to fight. The ethics of our self-defense classes provide children with clear boundaries on when and where it is appropriate to fight back. Give your child the opportunity to learn self-discipline and provide them with the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning a valuable life skill with KMI’s self-defense classes for kids.