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Kids Self Defense Classes

Martial arts for kidsLet’s face it, New York is a really tough place to grow up in. No matter what borough you reside in, NYC presents a unique set of challenges to kids and their parents.

NYC’s not always the safest place, and children can be especially vulnerable to its dangers. These dangers present themselves in many different ways. KMI’s kids program is fun but is also completely practical by helping kids overcome real world challenges, day-to-day difficulties and prevent harm from everyday occurrences like bullying, mugging, fights, drugs. It can also help improve low self esteem, lack of friends and social skills.

Many of the instructors have kids themselves or work with kids on a daily basis, and are passionate about kids and issues involving kids, like stamping out bullying from schools. Many Krav Maga practitioners and instructors have been victims of bullying themselves, so it is an issue very close to our hearts.


Bullying can include anything from teasing, threats to physical harm and it can ruin lives and cause difficulties later on in life. It is easy to underestimate the harm that a bully on the playground can do to kids and how easy it is for such bullying to remain undetected from teachers and parents. Very often adults only find out when it has already begun to affect the health and happiness of the child concerned.

Pushing, kicking, hitting, threatening, and name-calling happens among children every day, and your son or daughter is most likely going to experience it at one point. Approximately 77% of elementary school students admit to being a victim of bullying, and 46% of boys and 26% of girls admit experiencing physical fights. Being bullied can be extremely detrimental to a child’s physical and mental health, and it has become a devastating problem. It’s very hard for a child to deal with bullying and many schools have failed to find a satisfactory way of dealing with the problem.

KMI’s self-defense classes for kids are geared towards ensuring that your child will stay safe, even in the big city. Despite perhaps wanting to be, you cannot be with your child every second of the day, so it is crucial that your child knows what to do if he or she is being bullied. KMI will teach your kids self confidence, how to stand up for themselves and deal with bullying and teasing, along with self defense techniques, and we will do this in an environment that will socialize your kids and help their development and self esteem.


Did you know that every 40 seconds in the United States, a child goes missing? Even though most of those cases are resolved within hours, there are thousands and thousands of abducted children whose whereabouts are still unknown.

About 1.4% of child kidnappings are carried out by complete strangers, which means more than 58,000 children are abducted by strangers each year. However, the other 98.6% of child abductions are perpetrated by acquaintances of the children. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped by people they already know. It is imperative to provide children with tools and techniques to defend themselves in the case of an abduction.

Teaching Kids

Parents come to KMI NYC because they see the value in building the self confidence of their kids and they want to either stop or prevent bullying, and because they trust the tenets of our program will achieve these objectives in a responsible way. The following are some objectives of martial arts for kids that we use in our BullyProof program.

Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Your child will learn how to spot potentially dangerous people and situations, and s/he will be taught different ways to avoid those situations without encouraging anti social behavior.

Escape and Prevent

If your child ever gets attacked, is being bullied or stuck in a bad situation, s/he will know ways to escape, thanks to the lessons s/he learned from his/her Kids Krav Maga classes.

Fight Back with Confidence

Your child will learn that it’s okay to fight back if someone tries to hurt him/her. The ethics of self defense can be confusing to a child when they are being bullied and/or hurt and being told that it is not okay to fight. This gives kids the confidence and clarity to know what is right and wrong and where to draw the line.

Technical Skills

While not talking to strangers is good advice, it isn’t always enough to keep a kid safe. For instance, if a bully or child predator attacks a child, avoiding a determined bullied attacker is not always going to work so they must also know how to fight back against larger and stronger people.

Call for Help

Sometimes a child’s best weapon is his/her voice. If there’s no way for your child to escape, screaming as loud as possible, and saying things like, “Stop touching me!” may attract attention to the attack, especially in a public place. Your child can also grab a phone and dial 911. Kids Krav Maga classes will cover all of these tools and more.

Kids Krav Maga at KMI NYC

Our specially qualified and experienced kids instructors teach children practical real life skills. We help them practice physical, mental, and social skills that help them stay safe in a setting that also allows them to make lots of new friends.

How it Works?

KMI NYC’s Kids Self Defense Bully Proof program is an 7 week course which has 7 different stages for each age group. We teach kids in two age groups:

  • 6 to 8 years old in one group; and
  • 9 to 12 in another group.

Kids attend class weekly and are tested at the end of the course. Upon completion, they receive a certificate and may enroll in the next session.