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An induction is an intro to Krav Maga seminar.
This must be your first class
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Monthly Membership

$129/ Month
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Free induction
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10 Classes

Free Induction

KMI membership is different from any other type of membership. We cap our adult program memberships and we are very selective about who we admit as a KMI family member.

Each of our classes at KMI are taught by at least one professional dual certified krav maga instructor that has been trained and certified by both KMI and the IKMF in Israel over several years. This dual certification requirement helps maintain the highest teaching and training standards in the USA. Our instructors are not only highly skilled and experienced in authentic Krav Maga but are trained educators, teachers, strength and fitness coaches, first responders and they are, most importantly, mentors to all our members. KMI instructors have been highly trained to possess the mindset, physical and communication skills to give every student the best overall physical and mental training experience.

KMI’s teaching methods have been designed to achieve the best results over the shortest time possible. KMI’s lineage goes directly back to Imi Lichtenfeld. We have embraced Imi’s teaching methods, techniques and continued to develop them over several years in order to adapt them for modern usage.

We are fully dedicated to your progress. We want to see you get fitter, stronger and reach your personal goals. We appreciate that your time and money are important to you so have structured our membership to maximize your value for money and prioritized the quality of training over all else.

  • UNLIMITED access to all classes and locations
  • CANCEL ANYTIME (just first and last month upfront)
  • FREE t-shirt + FREE Induction + FREE handwraps = total savings $69
  • DISCOUNTS to partner gyms all over NYC, KMI products and KMI events.
  • FREE ACCESS to all KMI and IKMF locations around the world.
  • Memberships start on the 1st or 15th, but if you join in between those dates, you can start coming immediately after your Induction – we will give you the remaining weeks totally FREE!
  • FREE MONTH for every friend you refer as a member.
  • FREE membership at KMI Strong (kettle bells + combat cardio) and KMI Elite (military fitness)