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Master Classes

Master classes are one off events on a range of specialist subjects that are open to members and non members. They are an opportunity for individuals and professionals to train on specialist subjects not covered in class. Subjects range from dealing with multiple attackers, how to survive a bar fight, third party protection, bouncer skills, dealing with high stress scenarios, fighting tactics and women’s self defense issues (among others). Masterclasses are also an opportunity to train with visiting instructors from Israel, the source of Krav Maga. Master classes help you understand the core principles and techniques of Krav Maga in a short span of time.

The multiple-attackers master class taught by Avi Moyal dealt with defending against attacks from a group of assailants. Dealing with one person is hard enough but very often confrontations arise when there are groups of people involved (herd instinct), such as when people socialize in bars or on the street) and the pack mentality can lead to difficult situations quickly becoming aggressive and then you find you you are outnumbered. Dealing with multiple attackers requires a different mindset and tactical training. Your positioning when being attacked becomes significant as does identifying the leader of the pack.

The third party protection master class was taught by Tamir Gilad. Self defense is defending yourself but third party protection is defending others (family, friends, VIPs). Whether it is in your capacity as a friend, family member or as private security, the scenarios, tactical training, physical and mental training and techniques are very different to regular

Our very popular Bar 101 master class is taught in a real life bar to simulate scenarios and conditions that New Yorkers might encounter while in a bar or nightclub. Training in a gym is one thing but when you add low light conditions, loud music, glasses and bottles as weapons, close spaces, crowds and alcohol into the mix (pun intended), then everything becomes more difficult. Bar 101 in 2014 and How to Survive a Bar Fight in 2012 were taught with the sole purpose of realistically recreating these conditions for training purposes so students can improve their ability to deal with these conditions and scenarios (including ‘sugar glass’ bottles for weapons). The event is always followed by an open bar, it is very practical and a lot of fun.

In addition to KMI instructors, our events frequently feature guest experts from around the world. We have access to some of the world’s foremost experts in Krav Maga and bring them to New York City for Krav Maga and self defense courses as frequently as we can. One of the perks of membership is early and discounted access to these masterclasses and special courses. Many of our events are open to all, but some are restricted to members only.

We have held events at our East Village location as well as Midtown, Financial District and Tribeca’s Church Street Boxing Gym, along other venues around the city. We also hold private events and corporate seminars on request: please email us on for further information.