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Martial Arts NYC

Martial Arts at Krav Maga Institute NYC

NYC is a busy place and New Yorkers and their children have little spare time. If you or your child are going to invest your time in learning modern martial arts then it has to be a worthwhile investment. It should practical, effective and it should get you fit, strong and confident or there is little motivation to invest your time and money doing it.

Our martial arts for kids NYC program teaches practical, effective and easy to learn martial arts to kids of all ages in a supportive and sociable learning environment. The kids martial arts program in NYC is fun, friendly and teaches your kids practical life skills that they will use at school, when out on the streets and with friends. It is contributes to their development by building confidence, self-esteem, develop their social skills, ability to concentrate and how to defend themselves against bullies, predators on the streets, awareness of all sorts of dangers wherever they go (roads, dangers at home).

The Krav Maga Institute NYC has daily Israeli Martial Arts classes all over New York City

A typical Krav Maga NYC lesson includes Krav Maga related fitness and aggression drills that are designed to assist the learning process by reinforcing natural movements and reactions that are used in Krav Maga techniques. The drills also get you incredibly fit. Your ability to stay safe and defend yourself effectively depends on a number of factors including knowledge, ability to carry out certain techniques. Your ability to remember and perform and remember these techniques and knowledge are tested under some form of mental or physical stress. Stress training helps students remember techniques and tests their progress and abilities when it really counts, just like in real life. The training methods in our Krav Maga NYC classes ensure all students leave a class confident they are able defend themselves when it really counts.