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What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga means ‘Contact Combat’ in Hebrew. It is a complete, practical and modern reality based self defense, fighting and tactical system originally developed in the Israeli Defense Forces by Imi Lichtenfeld for use in the military. Imi subsequently developed it into a form of self defense for use by civilians, kids, security and law enforcement professionals. It is the world’s most complete and effective reality based self defense system.

One of the tenets of authentic Krav Maga is that the system is based on natural instincts and responses to, for instance, an attack. The techniques can therefore be learned quickly by anyone and easily retained for use when it really counts. This is one of the reasons that Krav Maga is so practical.

KMI teaches the authentic Krav Maga system as taught by Imi and developed and battle tested over the years. The Krav Maga system helps New Yorkers prevent and defend against physical attacks and threats with knives, guns, sticks, deal with multiple attackers, verbal confrontations, protect friends, family and property.

Krav Maga is completely practical and relevant to modern urban lifestyles in cities such as New York City. Why? Because New Yorkers are among the busiest people in the world and New York City is a challenging, competitive place and not always the safest place to live and work. Krav Maga can be learned quickly and teach New Yorkers to look after themselves, to succeed, maintain a good quality of life and have confidence. This includes knowing your way about the streets, bars and night clubs and being able to handle yourself if the need arises.

KMI’s Krav Maga NYC program encourages students to focus on prevention but should the need arise, how to deal with various scenarios and attacks. Some of KMI’s training principles include:

  • Finish a fight as quickly as possible and get away.
  • Counter-attacking as soon as possible, if not simultaneously.
  • Being aware of one’s own surroundings.
  • Understanding the psychology of a street confrontation.
  • Spotting potentially dangerous situations.
  • Prevention techniques.
  • Keep it simple stupid: the simple and natural solution is usually the right one.
  • Stress training allows you to train like you will fight.
  • Many easy to learn self defense and fighting techniques that everyone can do.

The flip side of the Krav Maga self defense coin is fighting. Part of being able to defend yourself is being able to fight back and hit back where it hurts, so you can get away safely so KMI teaches its students how to fight.

KMI’s professional training and strength & fitness programs are also derived from authentic Krav Maga training but instead of having been developed in the civilian world, they were developed within various professional institutions with different slants and areas of focus.

KMI’s training boosts self confidence, gets you fit, dramatically improves your quality of life and your mental and physical strength, all in a social and supportive environment. Students get into shape, make new friends, and lose weight without even realizing it because the training is so much fun. All this and more in just a few short months.