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Krav Maga NYC Classes

Krav Maga Institute NYC run regular classes every week. Our classes can be found in the Upper West Side, Midtown and Downtown NYC. For a full schedule of all of our classes, simply access the timetable below.

About our Classes

Our Combat and Fighting Krav Maga classes are only available to intermediate and advanced students that are at least P1 level and above and physically fit.

Classes are a lot of fun but they are also physically demanding in terms of fitness. The Combat and Fighting training classes (not sparring) are designed to test your ability to respond quickly and effectively, defend yourself and perform appropriate techniques under stressful, realistic and challenging conditions. Classes require full body armor so that you can test and actually feel the effectiveness of the attacks, counter attacks and techniques. Experience the intensity, and physical demands of short and realistic fighting scenarios. Combat and fighting is not part of the self defense program. Whereas self-defense classes are geared towards training students to stay safe and third party protection teaches students to defend others, fighting and combat classes are focused on having maximum impact and effectiveness in the shortest space of time possible.

The Master Classes focuses on more specialized self defense techniques. Our internationally recognized experts will train you for real-life situations and take you out of the training center to teach you practical and realistic applications of self defense techniques. Understand how realistic environments (bars, nightclubs, the street) will change the way you react. Whether in a bar, defending your family or friends in the street, or working in dangerous places, you will be prepared.  Previous Master Class events include:

  • Bar, Nightclub and Street specific self defense techniques seminar
  • Third Party Protection seminar
  • Edged Weapons seminar
  • Weapons seminar