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Law Enforcement | Corrections | Security

Dedicated Instructor Team

KMI’s professional training team is comprised of experts, current and former law enforcement professionals with extensive experience in the field. Our team of expert instructors draw from decades of experience to provide practical professional training. The team includes certified IDF Military Krav Maga Instructors, serving law enforcement, security and military special ops division instructors, among others.

KMI recommends regular group classes for all law enforcement, corrections and security professionals as a starting point and then supplementing such training with specialist courses and masterclasses for their relevant field. The basics and all the foundations of specialist training are all taught as part of the group Krav Maga classes held everyday all over New York City.

Law Enforcement | Corrections Officer Training

NYPD and Corrections Officers have recently come under close scrutiny following a spate of incidents at Rikers and on the streets of Staten Island that were widely reported in the media. The challenges of modern day law enforcement are obvious. It is not easy for law enforcement and corrections officers to work effectively, keep themselves and others safe, and avoid unnecessary injuries to inmates, officers and/or suspects. There is unfortunately only one way of overcoming these challenges and that is consistent high level specialist training. Basic in house training is unfortunately no longer enough to meet the rapidly changing nature and increasing demands of the jobs.

Rikers corrections officers and NYPD law enforcement officers come to us to supplement their training and meet the demands of increasingly demanding and stressful occupations. KMI’s training is all encompassing and includes (but is by no means limited to) new and effective ways to communicate, training to improve your decision making skills under pressure, self defense techniques, safe and effective hold and restraint techniques and even tactical point shooting. KMI offers regular training opportunities and specialist masterclasses. KMI offers discounts to all law enforcement and corrections officers based in the NY area.

Security | Bouncer | Bartender Training

Working as a private security, third party protection professional or as a bouncer in New York also has its own unique challenges. Professionals working in these fields have a duty to keep certain individuals and locations safe and secure, maintain control and vigilance while operating under the law and staying within their own rules and regulations. The training for private security and bouncers also includes holds and restraints, self defense, third party protection techniques and the development of effective communication skills. However, many of the techniques and skills have to be adapted as the circumstances differ and the nature of the jobs, the focus, concerns, goals and range of options, vary. For instance, a bouncer (and sometimes even a bartender) working in New York City may occasionally have to deal with similar situations to private security and law enforcement but without the use of a weapon. So although a bouncer must also know how to defend themselves and others, communicate effectively and clearly, maintain vigilance, break up fights, deescalate confrontational situations (sometimes with just the use of their voice and body language) and work effectively under a lot of pressure, they must do so as a civilian (and not an officer of the law) and in primarily social surroundings. This can be extremely challenging and requires specialist training.

VIP/Third Party Protection Training

Business leaders, politicians, actors and other high profile individuals living in or around New York City often have their own personal security guards. As many in the field will tell you, it is a difficult, stressful and highly skilled job with very long hours. The job carries a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of technical, physical and tactical training to do well and remain effective. For instance, a lot of regular update training is essential to stay sharp and continue to work effectively under pressure.

KMI’s VIP/third party protection training consists of technical, tactical, physical and mental training as well as CPR, First Aid and tactical point shooting. The tactical training also includes tactical driving.

KMI’s training uses a variety of scenarios, locations and stress training such as in cars, flights and low light, noisy, crowded environment. The training helps prevent and prepare for, assaults, robbery, kidnap, moving VIPs, evacuation, searching techniques, offensive and defensive driving, dealing with an injured VIP, working abroad, working during traveling, at events, formulating emergency plans and much more.

In summary, VIP/Third Party Protection training includes:

Defending oneself:

  • Against basic attacks
  • Against grabs
  • Armed assault
  • Armed threats

Moving a VIP

Defending the VIP against:

  • Basic attack or grab
  • Knife attack
  • Knife threat
  • Pistol threat

Dealing with different incidents when VIP is:

  • Near or inside a car
  • In a confined area (room, corridor)
  • Among crowd

Mental training and preparation

  • Aggression
  • Determination
  • Overcoming or ignoring danger in-order to defend others.

Specific credentials and recommendations are needed in order to participate in certain courses and events. Contact us for details & requirements at