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Krav Maga Instructor Course

krav-maga-nyc-become-an-instructorKMI will be hosting a Krav Maga instructor course in Spring 2015 in New York City. Our Krav Maga instructor course is the toughest authentic Krav Maga instructor course in the world taught by the world’s leading experts in Krav Maga.

If you have a minimum of 2 years experience in authentic Krav Maga (P4 or equivalent), you are a dedicated and passionate Krav Maga practitioner of sound mind and character with an interest in teaching and taking your practice to the next level, you may be eligible for a place on our two part, 20 day Krav Maga Instructor Course.

Being admitted and even passing our Krav Maga Instructor Course does not in anyway guarantee you will become a KMI team member. Only the very best instructors are invited to join the team after completing a third stage, additional testing and training requirements, screening and attaining the requisite amount of experience by fulfilling additional teaching requirements (supervised). The best candidates are selected from the course and then invited for further training before being considered eligible to become a KMI team member. The Krav Maga Instructor Course is therefore merely the starting point, the first step towards learning the craft and becoming a certified Krav Maga instructor. Our Krav Maga Instructor Course will not only take you through and provide you with the training you need to attain the minimum technical, tactical, physical and mental requirements for teaching Krav Maga. The Krav Maga Instructor Course will teach you how to teach and provide you with the basic tenets and foundations of teaching self defense to adult civilians. Candidates will also receive advanced level training and tested on all the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of Krav Maga up to G1 level. The Krav Maga Instructor Course will provide and then test candidates on the minimum amount of knowledge, technical skill required. The course will also teach candidates how to teach.

Being an effective Krav Maga instructor is about more than just about perfecting technique, knowledge, experience and passion. You must have a good understanding of people, have the right personality and truly understand self defense. Our Krav Maga  NYC Instructor course also provides you with the tools to better understand and interact with your students. You will learn the core philosophy and purpose of Krav Maga from experts who have experienced the evolution of Krav Maga from its birthplace in Israel into a globally recognized self defense system. KMI presents a unique opportunity to train at the highest level so you can teach Krav Maga to the next generation of students. Candidates for the Krav Maga Instructor Course come from diverse backgrounds, drawing from experience of teaching across the civilian, military, and law enforcement worlds.