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The KMI Difference


KMI schools are without question the premiere self defense and professional training providers in the USA. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished through years of hard work, professionalism and by setting completely new training standards in the USA.

Professional Level Training

KMI strives to ensure it provides the highest quality authentic Israeli Krav Maga training in the USA, with expertise in the following:

  • civilian (adults and kids) self defense
  • law enforcement,
  • security and strength & fitness (that supplement our self defense, fighting and professional training).

KMI continues to set new standards in its training by employing scientifically proven teaching and training methods and continuing to develop and improve them. KMI has continued to raise the bar and set new standards in professional training and instruction by training and certifying a new generation of Krav Maga instructors through our professional development programs and the toughest Krav Maga instructor course in the world.

Authentic Krav Maga

The KMI team has decades of experience in all areas of authentic Krav Maga taught by a team of fully certified and highly experienced experts. KMI is committed to providing realistic, effective, accessible and authentic Krav Maga, as taught by Imi Lichtenfeld, directly from Israel, the source of Krav Maga. All of our instructors are fully certified by the most rigorous Israeli Krav Maga organization in the world. Even when fully certified, the KMI team continues to update and develop their skills and knowledge as teachers, as professional training providers and practitioners. In order to remain relevant, effective and provide a comprehensive training system, KMI maintains closest links of any organization with professional organizations in Israel. KMI have the only schools in the USA that maintain close links with Krav Maga and security professionals and Israeli military units that deal with self defense and security issues as part of their job everyday.

The KMI Community

KMI is not just about the training; the KMI family is a close-knit community of like minded individuals. KMI’s classes bring people together from all walks of life and proudly boast one of the closest and most diverse student bodies you can find. Students working so closely together (sweating, crying and even bleeding together) create a close knit community whose friendships reach way beyond class time. The KMI family provides a close-knit and supportive group enabling you to succeed.

Why Learn Krav Maga and why KMI in New York?

Many first timers ask us why should they choose KMI and why Krav Maga over other kinds of self defense systems?

While Karate or Muy Thai teach great combative skills, they are ultimately competitive sports and martial arts. Krav Maga is a completely practical self defense and fighting system designed for the streets, bars and night clubs of places such as New York City. For instance, the goal in competitive and combative sports is to win, there are rules, referees and 2 minute rounds. In Krav Maga the goal is to stay safe and keep your friends and family safe. Krav Maga practitioners prefer to finish the fight, successfully defend themselves and others in the quickest, simplest and most effective way possible and go home.

The focus of KMI’s training is not on the spectacular. Our focus is on practical and reality based self defense and fighting training. Everyone should be able to quickly learn and do it, not just the seasoned practitioners. There is no dojo, hierarchical mentality and we focus on real-life situations by conducting seminars in bars, for example, by using stress drills that prepare you for the stress of a real life confrontation, testing the techniques in full body armor during fight class and training realistically at all times. By imitating real life scenarios and stressful situations, we teach you how to keep your nerve and to control aspects that are often overlooked in other schools and in traditional martial arts.

If your focus fitness and weight loss, then we recommend another school or the KMI Strong program. KMI’s self defense program is self defense, not fitness (although you will get fit doing it). Our wide variety of regular daily classes all around NYC focus on teaching you easy to learn Krav Maga techniques. We get you fit, feeling confident and strong, you’ll make new friends, achieve new things and have a lot of fun at the same time. We have the largest and most experienced Krav Maga instructor team on the East Coast of the USA. Our instructors are certified by KMI and the IKMF, CrossFit Level 1 trainers (CF-L1). We are widely considered to be among the best Krav Maga trainers in America because we maintain the highest possible training standards.

We will not throw you into a regular class, we prefer to build you from the ground up. New students start with an induction class which is an introduction to Krav Maga seminar. The induction class is free when you sign up for your first month’s training.

Our trainers include former marines, veterans and reconnaissance unit soldiers, some of our trainers are also black belts in other martial arts, accomplished boxers and even a qualified attorney. Our instructors are all however experts in Krav Maga and passionate about Krav Maga and their students.

What is the best Krav Maga school in New York?

We come across this question in one form or another all the time. There is only one way of knowing if authentic Krav Maga at KMI is the right option for you and that is to try it. We encourage new prospective students to try other schools first and then come to us as we prefer to let the training and experience speak for itself.

If you have any questions, contact us in any way and we will be happy to provide you with further information.