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Instructor Standards | Teaching Methods

KMI NYC holds some of the highest instructor and training standards in the world. A KMI, IKMF, KMG or other reputable Krav Maga Instructor Diploma is not enough to become an instructor at KMI. All team members are carefully selected after many years of training, testing and screening. All KMI instructors are at the very least required to have both an IKMF Krav Maga Instructor Diploma and a KMI instructor Diploma. They are also required to have a up to date KMI instructor license obtained by regular update training and teaching hours and also have completed all continuation training and education obligations. KMI’s lead instructors have between 10 to 30 years training and teaching experience and are vetted at the highest levels in Israel and the US.

KMI NYC is unique in that all of its instructors are all professional instructors, that are hand picked and built from the ground up. Candidates are interviewed and supervised carefully for years. Instructors undergo full background checks, they are carefully vetted and tested in all aspects of Krav Maga and undergo personality tests before embarking on an instructor course. If candidates pass their instructor certification, they undergo a 2 year probationary period during which time they must complete a minimum number of teaching hours, KMI continuation training, certification and testing.

KMI NYC’s teaching methods are also unique and carefully developed over many years. KMI has embraced Imi’s teaching methods in a way that makes classes fun and provides the best overall training experience. Each KMI NYC team member brings their own unique perspective to our training and trains regularly at the highest level. Our instructors are not only Krav Maga experts, they know how to teach and are continually striving to develop and improve these methods in regular instructor training meetings. Imi once said that the best way of knowing the quality of an instructor is by looking at the quality of their students. We invite you to meet and train with ours, we are extremely proud of them all.