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krav-maga-institute-nyc-fightingSometimes you just need to know how to fight. The flip side to the self defense coin is fighting. None of the self defense techniques you learn will help you in real life if you cannot strike or kick effectively under pressure or you lack the requisite force, strength, form, resolve or aggression. Fighting class prepares you for the street because it tests your ability to perform the techniques you learn in class work so you can successfully defend yourself. Fighting classes the first Tuesday night of every month for P1 students and above. Full protection gear is required for this class.

Fighting means two things at KMI NYC. Firstly, practicing your offensive skills (attacking) to get yourself out of a scrape. Fighting class allows you to practice and test your raw fighting skills under duress. This means knowing how to attack where it hurts and when it counts when you’re stressed, out of breath and disorientated, because let’s face it, things get messy. Fighting effectively means knowing how to attack effectively under duress which includes knowing how to punch, kick, move and body hardening (learning how to take a few blows and fight on). Part of this class is about learning to have a true fighting spirit, having the strength of mind and body and pure aggression. Secondly, fighting means testing the techniques you learn in class at high intensity. With full protection gear you can actually take and throw a few punches, work at a faster speed and test the techniques you learn in class in a realistic way so you anticipate and understand the issues that arise on the streets when defending yourself in real life.

Fighting class is not sparring. Sparring is competitive and that’s not realistic, so it is not Krav Maga NYC. You definitely get to exchange a few blows with fellow students but it is scenario based training so you have a purpose, a context and a problem to overcome (like multiple attackers, a friend to defend, exits etc). This is different to having endless rounds of sparring for points.


    only tuesday nights, this doesn’t fit my schedule :/..