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28-Day Challenge

What is the 28-Day Challenge?

If you attend classes every day that there is a class running for-28 consecutive days (either Krav Maga or KMI Strong classes) you receive a free 28-day challenge t-shirt, a free month of classes (which you can give to a friend) and of course fame and glory!  This is a challenge for your commitment of time, but more importantly it is a commitment to yourself.

Why accept the challenge?

There are a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps kick start your training and attain your goals and make a huge difference to you physically and mentally. Secondly, it allows you to quickly begin to lay the foundations of training and get more out the classes.  KMI’s training breaks down into four distinct pillars: tactical, technical, physical and mental training and you will engage with all of these over the course of your membership, whether you come once, twice or three times per week.  You will progress and make great strides regardless of the frequency of attendance, but to really push yourself, jumpstart your training, or take it to the next level, why not try the 28-day challenge?

One of the main issues we come across at KMI NYC is new students lacking the right mind set (giving up too easily) and basic physical fitness. This prevents students from getting the most out of their Krav Maga training. The 28-day challenge is specifically designed to help students reach that peak mental and physical state more quickly and to reinforce, refine and build on the techniques taught in class.

A core tenet of authentic Krav Maga is that the system is based on natural instincts and responses to situations and attacks.  While the techniques are quickly learned and easily retained for use when it really counts, a major part of the instruction is building confidence for what to do when.  This confidence comes through repetition, practice and repeated exposure to different scenarios.  In the 28-day challenge, you will be able to tackle all of those things even more quickly and really internalize Krav Maga.

KMI Strong challenge

We also challenge you to a “mini” 28-day challenge for KMI Strong fitness classes only.  You will need to attend the KMI NYC Strong classes as frequently as they are offered.  If you miss one, you may make it up by doing 100 burpees, 100 pushups, and 100 sit ups (use Hyperlapse and share on Facebook or Instagram!).

Challenge Guidelines

You may start the 28-day challenge any day of the week throughout the year. It just has to be when you are ready to take it on! It is recommended (though not required) to find a challenge partner to help support you throughout the 28 days of the challenge period.

You will need to be on our unlimited monthly membership to participate (or the unlimited Fitness membership if you take on the KMI Strong challenge).

You are welcome to complete the Challenge more than once.

Rewards for Completion

  • 1 month of free Krav Maga NYC classes
  • 1 free Induction class to introduce a friends to KMI
  • 28-Day challenge t-shirt
  • Fame, glory and the admiration of your fellow students